Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl Flooring is a flexible flooring available in a range of looks and textures. Although primarily used in commercial settings, vinyl flooring is great alternative to laminate flooring for domestic use in areas such as kitchens or bathrooms.

We stock many different designs and styles of vinyl flooring and these can be supplied to fit yourself or you can opt to have it professionally fitted by our experienced team.

Vinyl flooring is extremely versatile, largely due to its hardwearing nature and the ease of which it can be cleaned – no special chemicals or products are needed, just a mop and bucket or brush will do.

If you choose to use vinyl flooring in your home, it is good to note that the durability is directly related to the thickness, and this is also directly related to the price. It’s ease of maintenance and water-resistant nature makes it an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms, and can be less expensive than fully waterproof flooring.

If the thought of vinyl flooring brings to mind hospitals, grocery stores and school hallways, it may surprise you to know vinyl floor sales are second only to carpet sales. That's because vinyl flooring is inexpensive, durable and comes in an array of designs that can improve the look of just about any room of your home.

Vinyl is made from a special type of plastic known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is used to create a variety of items including toys, clothing and handbags. This versatility in production extends to vinyl flooring, which is available in a number of colors and patterns and can be crafted to resemble more expensive floors such as hardwood, tile or stone. Vinyl, flooring is known as a resilient floors because of their ability to "bounce back" or "give" upon impact. This quality makes this type of floors more comfortable to walk and stand on for longer periods of time.

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